Dental Sealant Services

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Dental Sealant Services

Brushing and flossing your teeth gets rid of a large amount of food particles and plaque, but some people have nooks and crannies in their teeth that a toothbrush or even floss can’t reach, particularly on their molars. Dental sealant treatment is an excellent way to protect these teeth from decay before bacteria and plaque can even get a chance to form cavities. By sealing out food and bacteria from these crevices with a thin, plastic coating (the sealant), your enamel and teeth get an extra line of defense against decay. Dental sealant procedures are recommended for children once they get their permanent molars, but adults who do not have decay or fillings can also benefit from this extra shield against enamel degrading bacteria and food particles.

If you are interested in pit and fissure dental sealant procedures for yourself or your child, find a Lifetime Dental near you or contact us online to schedule an appointment for dental sealant services today.

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