Dental Fillings

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Dental Filling Services

Dental fillings are primarily used as a tooth decay treatment or a treatment for cavities (which are the result of tooth decay) to restore the affected teeth to normal shape and function, while preventing bacteria from entering the tooth and causing further decay. The experienced dentists at Lifetime Dental are trained to provide dental filling services tailored to your needs.

Dental Filling Procedure

First, your dentist will remove any decayed tooth material and clean the affected area. Silver or plastic fillings can be completed in one visit, and the material is put directly in the affected area. If you are getting a gold or porcelain filling, the dentist will make a dental impression and send it off to a lab to have the filling made. Once it is ready, during a second appointment the filling is then bonded to your tooth. Lifetime Dental will work with you to determine which material is best for you based on the extent of repair needed, where in your mouth you require the filling, and the cost of the material.

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