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Sedation Dentistry Reduces Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a common and very real condition. In fact, more than 100 million Americans experience some form of fear or anxiety associated with going to the dentist. Anxiety triggers vary from patient to patient and can range from a history of traumatic dental experiences, sensitive gag reflex or difficultly opening, to embarrassment over teeth or a lack of recommended dental care. For some, denial of a dental problem results in extreme pain, which creates fear of an even more painful treatment.

Patients who experience high levels of anxiety may be a candidate for Conscious Sedation Dentistry. Also known as Twilight Sleep, the procedure eliminates stress, tension, anxiety, and fear. For many patients, Sedation can actually make going to the dentist a pleasant experience.

Because Sedation Dentistry works intravenously, only a certified and highly trained dentist can offer the procedure. Dr. Kedar of Langhorne Lifetime Dental has been calming the nerves of her dental patients for more than 15 years. In addition to IV Sedation, Dr. Kedar works to create a relaxing and safe atmosphere, which further reduces stress. To alleviate the fear of the unknown, Dr. Kedar and her staff start by explaining each procedure and answering any questions before the work begins. Along with expert dental care, the Langhorne dental office offers soothing extras such as headphones, personal TV monitors, blankets, and pillows.

Dr. Kedar encourages patients to share fears and anxiety prior to the appointment. Doing so helps the staff adapt the treatment to better suit specific needs. Slow, regular breathing and meditation are two other techniques that can help patients relax during routine cleanings and dental procedures.

If you are affected by dental anxiety or dental phobia contact Dr. Kedar at Langhorne Lifetime Dental to discuss how Conscious IV Sedation could help you get the dental care needed in a safe and relaxing environment.

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